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In its twenty-sixth edition, the Awards Manager of the Year, which AutoRevista and its publishing company, TecniPublicaciones Group have granted since 1991, has fallen into:

AutoRevista PREMIUM
> Antonio Cobo, President of General Motors Spain
For a leadership focused on productivity and absolute commitment of your team

Tecni Group PR Publications
> Maruxa Sanmartín, president of the Maviva Group
For a management strategy that anticipates new projects for the future

PRIZE AutoRevista Honorary director
> Roque Alonso
For materializing a logistics solution of formidable complexity currently in force between Ford España and its suppliers

AWARD Group Tecnipublicaciones Honorary Director
> Juan Manuel Blanchard
For a fruitful job as a second generation CEFA

AutoRevista Technology Innovation PRIZE
> Gestamp
Due to its exceptional progress in the development and application of hot stamping