Industrias GES was present at International Suppliers Fair in Wolfsburg Germany last 18 to 20 October 2016
The IZB was first hosted in 2001 as a Volkswagen in-house trade fair with 128 exhibitors from six nations, which attracted 13,500 visitors. It has since established itself as a showcase event for the international automotive supplier industry. In 2014, the organisers of the eighthIZB recorded a total of 51,000 visitors to the fair held on the exhibition grounds of the Wolfsburg Allerpark, which has an overall area of 36,000 sqm. 821 exhibitors from 29 nations took advantage of the trade fair to showcase their products and innovations.
According with its strategic plan Ges took part in this exhibition looking for more international clients focus in automotive industry. At the moment we export 50% of our products but we expect that percentage will be increase year by year. During the meeting we have the opportunity to talk with some VW’s staff that identify some parts we show. We are a Tier two suppliers but through our Tier one clients we reach the most of the brands like VW group, PSA, Renault , Nissan