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[stm_service_icon_box icon="stm-icon-car-relic" title="Stamping | Bihler"]We are specialized in precision stamping and bihler for automotive since 1982. [/stm_service_icon_box]
[stm_service_icon_box icon="stm-icon-gear" title="Advanced Technology" icon_size="43"] Equipped with the best technology, and thanks to our continuous innovation, we can offer competitive prices throughout Europe[/stm_service_icon_box]
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High production and quality in stamping up to 125 Tm.

Manufacture of complex stamped parts, with the option of incorporating special operations of threading, welding, etc.

Specialized in the automotive sector, Industrias GES manufactures any type of series
with the highest quality and in perfect sync with the needs of the client.

We have the most advanced technology for the creation of prototypes and new
products with 3D platform shortening delivery times with excellent results.

With an on-site die section we do not depend on third parties, we do
preventive and productive maintenance within our factory and the design and manufacture of new tools if necessary. Excellent cost balance between tooling and price of the piece.

High production and quality in stamped products

Automated cutting and stamping system of high production. Manufacture of complex parts with the possibility of incorporating threading operations, welding, etc.

This technology allows spectacular improvements in your stamping costs
simplifying to a single operation processes that due to their complexity are manufactured with traditional means in multiple operations. This is the indispensable tool to work materials of high elasticity or when the sense of lamination of the raw material is a requirement.

Quality and high performance

As a complement to our usual stamping activity we perform welding operations by resistance of nuts-bolts, threading, riveting and other manipulated.We have an automatic installation capable of performing two simultaneous welds with minimal labor intervention. All our welding machinery has electronic process control according to the requirements of the car.

Our machinery has integrated POKA-YOKES that guarantee the maximum quality requirements.Both in welding and riveting we have the means to control the quality of these joints through tensile tests, compression, etc. As specialists in supports for air conditioning and power steering pipes we also manufacture a wide variety of clamps to which rubber protections must be integrated in addition to special coatings.


Our company

Created in 1982, we are specialized in precision stamping.Our technical capacity and experience is available to our customers to co-design their products from the beginning of the project.

Aware of the needs of the industry, we serve from small to large series and even prototypes if necessary.Equipped with the best technology and thanks to our continuous innovation we offer competitive prices throughout the European territory.

Two features

  • We are Tier 2

    As Tier 2, almost all of our products are applied in the automotive sector, so we know in depth the particularities and requirements of this industry.

  • A&M in manufacturing processes

    Our fully automated and monitored manufacturingprocesses, and our lean production, allow us to successfully cope with the changing production rhythms of the
    most demanding supply chains.



ISO 14001 ISO/TS16949

Our team works hard to achieve the quality our customers need. All our actions go in the direction of being better every day and achieving the objectives set by our customers.The continuous improvement of our processes, standardization, detailed and precise manufacturing instructions, our production methods and most of our activities, are always aimed at strengthening our management systems and offering the best possible product.

Our laboratory is equipped with everything necessary to make the dimensional control with the greatest guarantees. We have control means for electrolytic coatings such as x-rays and salt spray chamber. We control the welded joints with tensile and compression tests and do 100% inspections if the customer or the product requires it.

Industrias Ges, since its in origin, has worked in accordance with international standards. A few years after starting our activity we were already ISO9000 certified. Currently ISO TS16949 since 2002. Faithful to the principles of our founders, we have not ceased to be at the forefront in this area.


Valentin Sprecher